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Your career path is paved with choices, challenges, and opportunities. Your resume? It’s the ticket to each of those destinations. It is the most important career document you have. It is your personal marketing brochure that determines your immediate opportunities and your overall career path.

At Elevate Career Services, we understand this like no one else. We’re not just any Australian resume writing service; we’re your partner in progress. 

Our professional resume writing services are person-centred and place you at the front and centre of your documents. We work with you to identify your unique value, experience, and skills, and use this to authentically and powerfully promote you. work with you to identify your unique value and strategically construct your resume to project you towards your goal.

Our resume writing services will give you CLARITY and CONFIDENCE and will land the interviews you are seeking.

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Experienced & Specialised Resume Writers

Our professional resume writers are highly experienced and come from extensive writing or recruitment backgrounds across the private and public sectors. We provide professional CV writing services across all industries and sectors, and all professional levels, including:

Resume Writing Services & Cover Letters - Elevate Career Services

Entry-Level Job-Seekers and Fresh Graduates

If you’ve recently graduated and are entering the workforce, your resume is your first introduction to prospective employers. Given the vast number of applications, it’s crucial for yours to shine. That’s where our resume writing services in Australia come into play, fine-tuning and enhancing your resume to illuminate your potential and set your career journey in motion.

Mid-Career Professionals

By leveraging our professional resume writing services, we’ll help improve your chances of standing out in a highly competitive job market, effectively showcasing your skills, experience, and potential to increase your likelihood of securing job offers. We can also assist with writing cover letters, tailoring your resume to different roles, or optimising your LinkedIn profile to uncover hidden job opportunities. Additionally, our one-on-one interview prep sessions are tailored to empower you, ensuring you confidently vocalise your past achievements and potential contributions.

Management Enthusiasts

When applying for management positions, your resume should showcase your astounding leadership abilities, managerial skills, and proven track record of achieving great results. At Elevate Career Services, our resume writing services make certain your managerial capabilities are both evident and compelling to potential employers. Our dedicated writers work hard to ensure that every resume we craft is of exceptional quality and will produce real results for the individual client.

C-Suite Executives and Decision Makers

As a C-suite executive, your CV conveys your extensive leadership experience, strategic vision, and significant achievements. Essential to your professional narrative is a resume that doesn’t just list, but tells your compelling story, catching the eye of headhunters and board members. Our resume writing services involve using strategic career storytelling to help you get noticed by recruiters and separate your resume from the mediocre.

At the end of the day, our objective is clear: to be the catalyst in your career progression, providing the best resume writing services in Australia, and helping you make those significant leaps with confidence.

Resume Writing Services & Cover Letters - Elevate Career Services

Why Choose Elevate’s Professional Resume Writing Services?

  • Experience That Speaks: As one of Australia’s premier career enhancement agencies, our track record speaks for our dedication and expertise in professional resume writing services online. We’re familiar with every nook and cranny of the job market and industry standards.
  • Quality Above All: Our founder is Australia’s only Nationally Certified Resume Writer. This isn’t just a label; it’s our promise. In the vast landscape of professional resume writing services in Australia, our quality stands unparalleled.
  • All-Round Expertise: Different industries, varied roles, and multiple professional levels – our experience spans across them all. And if you’re eyeing government roles? Our specialists have honed their skills in those intricate selection criteria.
  • Personalised Approach: A resume isn’t just a document; it’s a reflection of you. We treasure that. Offering unique interactive services like video calls, we keep you at the heart of our process, ensuring each resume is a mirror of your aspirations and achievements.
Resume Writing Services & Cover Letters - Elevate Career Services

Unveiling ATS Mastery

At Elevate, we know Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) inside-out. Our CV writing services ensure that your professional resume and cover letter are tailored toward the specific role or industry you wish to target, including the appropriate industry keywords to ensure they get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. Getting past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) stage is half the battle won. With our in-depth understanding of ATS, we ensure your resume is strategically crafted to be compliant and correctly parsed by ATS. 

But we don’t stop at just being ATS-friendly; our designs are also made to captivate human eyes in those crucial initial seconds. Formatting is a key element in ensuring ATS compatibility, as well as ensuring clarity and comprehensibility for your reader. Our resume and cover letter designs are clean, modern, and custom-built to ensure your documents are ATS-friendly AND will grab the reader’s attention in the 6-second skimming process. 



  • Direct 1:1 communication with your dedicated resume writer
  • Comprehensive Phone/Video Consultation with your resume writer
  • Concise, professional and expertly worded content
  • Powerful and authentic representation of your skills, experience and achievements
  • Fully tailored resume, targeting to your ideal role and industry
  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Compliance
  • Clean, modern and eye-catching resume formats
  • 2x Rounds of Revisions

Ready to Step Up?

At Elevate, our resume writing services will help project you into the target role and position you as a top candidate before you enter the interview. If you’re poised for your next career leap, you’re just a click away from the most formidable asset in your journey. Our professional resume writing services online ensure you step into job interviews with unwavering confidence. Let’s start this journey together. Our services range from writing resumes and cover letters to helping curate your LinkedIn profile to get noticed by the right people and assistance in addressing the selection criteria — a critical component of your job application. We even have Government Application Specialists for local, state, and government roles to help secure you an interview.

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Your dreams and aspirations deserve the best representation. At Elevate Career Services, every resume we craft is a testament to our dedication to your success. Let’s embark on your journey toward career fulfilment together. Connect with us today!



1. Why is it important to have a professionally written resume? 

A professionally crafted resume enhances your chances of standing out, ensuring your accomplishments and skills are articulated powerfully and in alignment with your target job.

2. Do I need different resumes for different job applications? 

Yes, it is recommended that your resume be tailored for different roles, to align with skills, requirements, and selection criteria. At Elevate, we offer tailoring services that tailor your resume to suit different roles, boosting your chances of success.

3. How does Elevate's process work? 

After an initial onboarding consultation (via phone or Zoom), our experts work on creating your premium resume. We offer two rounds of revisions, ensuring your resume is optimised, well thought-out, and tailored to your target role.

4. Why should I opt for Elevate over other resume writing services

Our unique blend of quality, expertise, and personalisation makes us stand out. From being the only service in Australia with a Nationally Certified Resume Writer to offering interactive video sessions, we prioritise your career success.